How would you improve the Arrow site?

I put together a presentation of my thoughts on how we could make small to implement changes that would have a drastic difference on the usability of the Arrow website.

A clearer site header

The header was getting extremely cluttered and needed to be minimized where possible. The language and currency have been hidden behind a settings wheel along with other possible required features. Adding category search too eliminates the need for search boxes across pages and becomes a one-stop-shop for searching the whole site efficiently.

Grid across the site

We’ll keep the 5 column grid as it is but we need to add a 3 column grid to increase hierarchy across products and research and events.

Tell stories with products

It’s the small details that take us the longest way when it comes to innovation, let’s tell those stories!

Product HERO

In this case we are selling a component that can be found in space searching satellites to get the users attention and maybe even inspire a project. Animating the background from the foreground will add to the engaging storytelling.
Product modules come in three sizes (HERO, lrgCARD & smCARD) and can be placed as module blocks around the site to drive product sales.
Cards can be combined into rows to form interesting custom content blocks without disturbing left to right reading of the headline titles.

Product cards module

The trick to selling more products is not more information but a nicer buying experience. Being able to scan without clutter is an end users largest request. The information shown here is all that is needed on a top level browse.
Displaying sub information (inc buy CTAs) on rollover allows an end user to not be distracted when browsing but also not inhibiting deeper selection choices.

Design Centre branding

I've had a look at creating stronger brand elements to distinguish the design centre.

R&E explore module

Filter & navigate with a simple set of categories, deeper specific filtering can be article level deep. This bar can act as a module unit that can be placed around the site, alternatively single blocks or a set of blocks can be used to break up articles etc.

Final thoughts

I worked hard to strengthen the core different sections of Arrow's offerings across the site with bold colours, stronger hierarchy and cleaner, easier to read module blocks - allowing the end-user to instantly know where they where and what they were looking at without increasing development time beyond an unreasonable budget.
Products landing
Research & events landing
Research & events single article

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