Who is Josh Griffey

I'm a freelance creative director & designer

I've enjoyed a fast paced career working for well known global brands including leading creative for Coca-Cola. I've had the great fortune of being instrumental from conception all the way to delivery, pitching ideas to client and designing solutions for all manner of business needs.

Web design

From full bespoke design, modernising your current web presence or just a helping hand considering your next move.


Got an important meeting coming up and need a powerpoint, keynote or simple PDF? Or maybe you need a set of templates for your company.


I can create almost anything in photoshop!

Social media

I can help you tell a story across social media, define a social campaign and produce the needed graphics to accompany it all.


From video editing to motion graphics and even a bit of 3D I can help put your ideas into motion.


UX is a sometimes a forgotten important step in providing a good experience online, I can help your brand be easy to understand and navigate online.


People will always judge a book by its cover. Need a new logo or help coming up with a new position?


Does your brand need a new direction?

I'm able to to take complex tasks and simplify them for end-users, including working on mammoth UX projects like The British Library, South West Trains and Arrow Electronics (to mention a few), whilst never sacrificing good design practices.
I've led countless projects from the initial brief all the way to winning of the pitch, including an old favourite; the global release of Capcom's Dead Rising 2, where the creative was so well received it made it into the game itself.
I'm able to work well with others to achieve the best result for the client and pride myself with being able to align with the clients vision.
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I have a great understanding of social media and it's huge potential for brands. Utilising social metrics, I'm able to balance creative to spread a message whilst not alienating core audiences.
I'm an all-round creative, meaning I get my hands dirty with all elements of your creative process and output, from video creation and production to full on rebranding and a clients presence online with up-to-date modular web design.

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